The PharData class

(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL phar >= 2.0.0)


The PharData class provides a high-level interface to accessing and creating non-executable tar and zip archives. Because these archives do not contain a stub and cannot be executed by the phar extension, it is possible to create and manipulate regular zip and tar files using the PharData class even if phar.readonly php.ini setting is 1.

Class synopsis

class PharData extends RecursiveDirectoryIterator implements Countable, ArrayAccess {
/* Inherited constants */
/* Methods */
public __construct(
    string $filename,
    int $flags = FilesystemIterator::SKIP_DOTS | FilesystemIterator::UNIX_PATHS,
    ?string $alias = null,
    int $format = 0
public addEmptyDir(string $directory): void
public addFile(string $filename, ?string $localName = null): void
public addFromString(string $localName, string $contents): void
public buildFromDirectory(string $directory, string $pattern = ""): array
public buildFromIterator(Traversable $iterator, ?string $baseDirectory = null): array
public compress(int $compression, ?string $extension = null): ?PharData
public compressFiles(int $compression): void
public convertToData(?int $format = null, ?int $compression = null, ?string $extension = null): ?PharData
public convertToExecutable(?int $format = null, ?int $compression = null, ?string $extension = null): ?Phar
public copy(string $from, string $to): bool
public decompress(?string $extension = null): ?PharData
public decompressFiles(): bool
public delMetadata(): bool
public delete(string $localName): bool
public extractTo(string $directory, array|string|null $files = null, bool $overwrite = false): bool
public isWritable(): bool
public offsetSet(string $localName, resource|string $value): void
public offsetUnset(string $localName): void
public setAlias(string $alias): bool
public setDefaultStub(?string $index = null, ?string $webIndex = null): bool
public setMetadata(mixed $metadata): void
public setSignatureAlgorithm(int $algo, ?string $privateKey = null): void
public setStub(string $stub, int $len = -1): bool
public __destruct()
/* Inherited methods */
public RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren(bool $allowLinks = false): bool
public FilesystemIterator::key(): string
public FilesystemIterator::setFlags(int $flags): void
public DirectoryIterator::getBasename(string $suffix = ""): string
public DirectoryIterator::seek(int $offset): void
public SplFileInfo::getATime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getBasename(string $suffix = ""): string
public SplFileInfo::getCTime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getExtension(): string
public SplFileInfo::getFileInfo(?string $class = null): SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getFilename(): string
public SplFileInfo::getGroup(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getInode(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getLinkTarget(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getMTime(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getOwner(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getPath(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPathInfo(?string $class = null): ?SplFileInfo
public SplFileInfo::getPathname(): string
public SplFileInfo::getPerms(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getRealPath(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::getSize(): int|false
public SplFileInfo::getType(): string|false
public SplFileInfo::isDir(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isFile(): bool
public SplFileInfo::isLink(): bool
public SplFileInfo::openFile(string $mode = "r", bool $useIncludePath = false, ?resource $context = null): SplFileObject
public SplFileInfo::setFileClass(string $class = SplFileObject::class): void
public SplFileInfo::setInfoClass(string $class = SplFileInfo::class): void
public SplFileInfo::__toString(): string

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