The EventConfig class

(PECL event >= 1.2.6-beta)


Represents configuration structure which could be used in construction of the EventBase .

Class synopsis

final class EventConfig {
/* Constants */
const int FEATURE_ET = 1;
const int FEATURE_O1 = 2;
const int FEATURE_FDS = 4;
/* Methods */
public avoidMethod( string $method ): bool
public __construct()
public requireFeatures( int $feature ): bool
public setFlags( int $flags ): bool
public setMaxDispatchInterval( int $max_interval , int $max_callbacks , int $min_priority ): void

Predefined Constants


Requires a backend method that supports edge-triggered I/O.


Requires a backend method where adding or deleting a single event, or having a single event become active, is an O(1) operation.


Requires a backend method that can support arbitrary file descriptor types, and not just sockets.

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